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With every connection, there lies an opportunity

Nov 2018

Dave Hudson, Group Leader Data Science & Analytics, ponders the wider implications of Industry 4.0 and suggests that we need to step beyond traditional boundaries if we truly want to drive change and innovation.

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Does open innovation really create new opportunities?

Aug 2018

Our recent experience says that it does. A great example is how Tata Steel went from assessing an innovative paint application technology to working with the Agile Aging Alliance to develop ‘Neighbourhoods of the Future’.

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Open innovation - together we make the difference

Dec 2017

Tata Steel’s strapline is ‘together we make the difference’. Essentially we are saying that, by working together, we can achieve things not possible when working in isolation.

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Construction has to change and fast. Does LEGO provide some inspiration?

Oct 2017

“We are now at a point we have never been at before. The industry is standing on a burning platform and all other options have gone. It simply has to change”. Mark Farmer, UK Construction Week, Oct. 2017.

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Is it good to talk?

Aug 2017

Some of you, like me, will be old enough to remember the TV adverts for a well-known communications company. They featured Bob Hoskins and focused on the tag line ‘it’s good to talk’. Essentially, they were saying keep in touch!

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Tata Steel sponsored Active Classroom wins Innovation Award

Jul 2017

Last month I wrote about how finding things you didn’t even know you were looking for was one of the most exciting aspects of an open innovation approach

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