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Tata Steel sponsored Active Classroom wins Innovation Award

Jul 2017

Last month I wrote about how finding things you didn’t even know you were looking for was one of the most exciting aspects of an open innovation approach

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Is Donald Rumsfeld an unacknowledged leader in open innovation?

Jun 2017

Is Donald Rumsfeld an unacknowledged leader in open innovation? I found myself asking this question during a recent team-building session when we were asked for our favourite quotes.

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Fantastic response to innovation portal

Oct 2016

When we launched our open innovation (OI) initiative in last year, I was pretty apprehensive. We’d spent months planning it and all of us on the OI team had faith in the power of collaboration. But had we done enough to spark your interest and ideas?

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Energy demand is fuelling a need for innovation

Apr 2015

Let’s set the scene. Life in the oil and gas industry is extremely interesting right now. Whilst energy demand in the medium term is relatively robust – driven by population and GDP growth, oil prices have slumped.

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Have you got what it takes to collaborate?

Mar 2015

Every now and then a sole genius sets the world on fire. But I would argue that collaborative relationships are the real lifeblood of innovation.

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Innovation is the way forward

Feb 2015

We're opening the doors to open innovation - hear from Pete Longdon on why it's so important.

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