What happens to my submission?

Once we have received your suggestion we will acknowledge receipt of it immediately. If the submission clearly fits our areas of interest and there is sufficient detail then it will be forwarded to the relevant marketing and research personnel for an initial evaluation. Once the initial evaluation has been undertaken, then we will contact you to either say that we would like to talk further, probably under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), or to say that at this point we don’t think we can see a way of working together. It may also be that we are interested in your proposal but we simply don’t have the right resources available at the time to take it forward. Again, we will let you know this as soon as possible so that you can seek alternative development routes as we recognise that waiting may not be an option for you.

Tata Steel may not always be the right partner to take your proposal forward. If we feel it is the best route for your proposal, then we may make contact with other Tata Group Companies who may be interested in it. In this case the review process will take longer.

If my submission is not successful, will Tata Steel tell me why?

We will always try and give a broad indication of why the submission was not taken forward but may not give detailed reasons.

What kind of collaboration agreement is possible?

Tata Steel is open to all kinds of collaboration agreements, including supply chain arrangements, licensing of technology where appropriate and joint developments. Where significant development work is required it may be that we can work with you to identify suitable partners and jointly submit proposals for appropriate funding to take the project forward.

Do I need to have Intellectual Property in place before I submit a proposal?

Tata Steel is willing to discuss proposals at the early stages of development and before a patent has been filed or granted. However, to safeguard your Intellectual Property rights, we advise that you contact an IP professional before submission to Tata Steel. If you do not have either granted patents or patent applications in place yet, you should not disclose any information that jeopardises your rights to subsequently file patents. Please try and give enough information (see below) to give us an indication of the potential of your submission and then we can follow up with further discussions if appropriate under a NDA. In this way we hope you will be confident that you are in control of what information you disclose and at what stage in the process.

What kind of information will help Tata Steel review my proposal?

There is some guidance given during the process of submitting your proposal about what kind of information will help us decide how to take it forward. We need a concise description that conveys the nature of the proposal and the potential benefits it may offer to Tata Steel, along with the status of your intellectual property. The Portal allows you to attach supporting documents that may help your submission. These documents could include granted or applied for patents, or appropriate technical data and test results, diagrams and photographs you feel able to disclose at this early stage. Please do not send any information that is confidential, including documents marked confidential or the equivalent. We will not review these documents and the submission will be declined at this stage. This is to protect your IP.

My suggestion is not covered by your current areas of interest. What do I do?

Submit it anyway, taking into account the comments above regarding the confidentiality of the information submitted. We are always interested in new ideas and suggestions that may take us in different directions!

My suggestion is not about technology, are you still interested?

Yes. Although Tata Steel is a technology driven organisation we are also interested in new ways of working, for example, new Services we can offer or even new Business Models.

Where can I find more information about Tata Steel and the Tata Group?

Comprehensive information about the activities of Tata Steel in Europe can be found at http://www.tatasteeleurope.com/en/

The Tata Group comprises over 100 operating companies in seven business sectors: communications and information technology, engineering, materials, services, energy, consumer products and Chemicals. Go to http://www.tata.com/ to find out more.